New Jaguar Restoration Film

We’ve just finished this beautiful Jaguar XJ6 Series 1.  Here’s the full story…

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60th birthday present for Traveller

The Morris Minor Traveller is one of those cars that is part of many families’ life story.  And this particular car is no exception.  One family owned since new, it’s covered just 45,000 miles in 60 years.  We’ve been looking after this car for the owner for many years – until recently he was keen to maintain it’s period patina and originality.  But recently that has changed and we’ve begun to return the car to its full glory.

The car already has an unleaded head on the original engine, which we fitted, and received a new leather interior in 2016.  So the next step was to attend to the paintwork.  Finished in rare Morris Dark Green, this car has never been painted and consequently the finish and bodywork were looking tired.

Our project is to refurbish the woodwork – which had begun to deteriorate as the varnish wore away – and renovate the bodywork.  The car is fairly solid but has rot in the usual Morris places around the front headlights and base of the A pillars. We are replacing the wings and repairing the A pillars. The car will then receive a full respray.

Here’s our progress so far…

Big Cat Born Again

The Jaguar XJ6 has languished in the classic car doldrums for a while, much longer than might have seemed reasonable considering that it is arguably one of the best saloon cars ever made.  A combination of living in the shadow of the Mk2 and suffering catastrophic build quality probably haven’t helped its recuperation.

But the market is beginning to wake up to just how good the XJ6 and XJ12 actually are.  Despite iffy quality, the original XJ – whether Series 1, 2 or 3 – is a brilliant car with the ride quality of a Rolls Royce, the looks to justify its Jaguar badge and, with the V12 version, superlative performance.  Values are finally rising and that makes restoring an unloved or slightly careworn example a much more realistic prospect.

We have been restoring this Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 over the last few months, bringing it back from the brink after it failed its MOT last year.  The owner has several Jaguars and wanted this car in particular because a family member had one in exactly this specification.  The car has needed considerable work including cills, arches and wings – this short film explains what we’ve done so far.  Keep an eye on this news feed for updates.

Jaguar XJ6 Restoration



Bringing a B back to life


Some cars just get under your skin, and so it was for the owner of this barn-stored MGB. Off the road since 2003, it had previously been his daily driver and his wedding car.  So there was a lot resting on our assessment of whether it was economically viable to restore.

The car had been stored in a drafty garage without a cover, two decisions that helped preserve its remarkable condition.  Under the car’s layer of dust the paintwork was very good and the underside very solid.  You can read the story of this car’s recovery from the garage and journey back to the road right here.


Why we do what we do

Some people are born to do what they do, some arrive there looking bemused and slightly befuddled.  I put myself in the latter category.

The Great Escape Workshop is part of Great Escape Cars, which runs a classic hire car fleet as well as organising classic cars for events and filming.  The repair and restoration business has grown out of necessity – after running a hire fleet for several years we realised the only way that we could get the right level of service, price and turnaround on repairs was to do it ourselves.


After managing a fleet of up to 60 high mileage classic hire cars we began to realise that our philosophy – to get the job right first time, to the agreed deadline and at a reasonable cost – was one that might appeal to others.  So we began offering the service to private customers.

Click here to read the story behind Great Escape Workshop.




XK150 Case Study

The popularity of the E Type means that some of Jaguar’s earlier sports cars, particularly the XK range, often live in its shadow.  But canny enthusiasts realise that the XK offers many advantages over the E Type, particularly practicality and space, and can be bought for far less than the doyen of 60s Britain.

Click on the link below to find out how we turned a newly-purchased XK150 into a road-ready car to drive and enjoy.